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IMF to Advanced Economies: Combat low growth by strengthening labor force participation

9 October 2015

Now that Fall is undeniably settling-in, I hope all are taking some time to enjoy the change of the seasons, even as the pace of work has quickened with summer’s passing.  Seasonal change has also coincided with adjustments to global forecasts.

Fall Speaking Engagement Highlights:

“Greater Expectations”: Research for More Effective Inclusion Strategies, Conference Board of Canada, Toronto

“Challenges and Hope”: Inclusion and Racialized Members of the Legal Profession, Stikeman Elliot LLP, Toronto

“Low-Hanging Fruit”: A Focus on Diversity & Inclusion Solutions, National Association for Law Placement (NALP), McCarthy Tétrault,

While many advanced economies like the U.S. look for slightly accelerated growth in 2016, revised economic indicators for others with exposure to low commodity and oil prices continue to tilt to the downside. Overall, sources such as the IMF project persistent patterns of low growth without greater public and private sector engagement.

“Raising both actual and potential output through a combination of demand support and structural reforms continues to be the economic policy priority…The structural reform agenda is country specific, but its main planks are measures to strengthen labor force participation and trend employment…” October 2015 IMF World Outlook .

Strengthening labor force participation includes more hiring and advancement among diverse segments of the population in accordance with pools of labor availability / capability, and removing barriers to full inclusion. It also suggests investment in innovative talent management practices that will enhance organizational capacity for resilience, adaptability, and growth in challenging environments.

At Change DeZign, we relentlessly seek to improve our clients’ talent management outcomes and general performance. In addition to new large strategic engagements, we continue to be public advocates for the latest in evidence-based solutions.

Earlier this month, I was pleased to present research and insights at the Conference Board of Canada. In November, I will address the law firm of Stikeman Elliot LLP. Stikemans is an international law firm with offices in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. In December, I will deliver a workshop to the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), an association of law firm directors of professional development and recruiters from across Canada and the U.S.

Change DeZign remains yours in Service.


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